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    "The phrase "pay it forward" accurately and concisely reflects my thoughts. It's important to give back so that the industry’s future remains strong and continues to evolve."
    - Mike Raaymaker, Platinum Donor
    Skratt's Tree Service Inc.
    "I donate to give something back to an industry that has provided my livelihood for many years. Supporting tree research and education will help ensure that our industry and our trees will benefit future generations for years to come."
    - Mike Skratt, Platinum Donor
Jack Kimmel Past Recipients (Int'i)


1. Effects of topping trees on microclimate condition and human comfort. Dr. Francesco Ferrini, University of Florence, Italy. Grant award $10,000.

2. Investigating street tree decline and mortality in commercial urban spaces, revitalized with structural soil cell technoloy to improve planting and maintenance practices. Dr. Camilo Ordonez, Ryerson University, Toronoto. Grant award $10,069.


1. Quantifying the cooling effectiveness of urban street trees in relation to their growth. Mohammad Asrafur Rahman, University of Munich, Germany. Grant award $10,000.

2. The role of tree species in cooling the urban climate - application in tree planting and landscape architecture. Henrik Sjoman, Sweden University of Agricultural Science Gothenburg. Grant award $10,000.


1.  Screening of actinobacteria for activities that protect trees against bacterial and fungal diseases. Oleksandr Gromyko, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine. Grant award $10,000
2.   Effect of root-stimulating treatments on physiologic and growth performances of Platanus x acerifolia and Ulmus pumila seedlings. Manuela Baietto, University of Milan, Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences - Production, Land, Agroenergy, Italy. Grant award $5,500
3.  Development of molecular markers for redbay (Persea borbonia L.). Haiying Liang, Clemson University, South Carolina. Grant award $10,000.


1. Impact of Storm Water Runoff on Tree Roots, Physiology and Rhizosphere Microbial Diversity in Urban Forests. Sougata Bardhan, University of Missouri. Grant Award $10,000.

2. Determining Influences of Stream Channelization and Invasive Species on Rate of Canopy Tree Growth in an Urban Park. Travis Marsico, Arkansas State University. Grant Award $6,284.


1. Effects of Root Severance by Excavation on Growth, Physiology and Up Rooting Resistance of Two Urban Tree Specie. Alessio Fini, University of Florence, Italy. Grant Award $10,000.

2. Effects of Pruning on the Dynamic Motion of Tree Crown. Matt Follett, University of Quebec, Montreal, Quebec. Grant Award $10,000.


1. A Novel Way of Measuring Tree Vitality in Mature Urban Trees. Denise Johnstone, University of Melbourne, Australia. Grant Awarded $8,600.

2. Strategies to Resolve Conflicts Between Trees and New Low Impact Development Stormwater Best Management Practices. Susan Day, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksbury VA. Grant Awarded $10,000.